September 29, 2010 – Chengdu, China – Xuekun Fu, Deputy Director of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee accompanied by Chang Su and Tao Weng, the Director of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Innovation Center, visited Muuzii on Sep 29, 2010.


Ms, Fang Ling (2nd from right), President of Muuzii with Mr. Xuekun Fu (2nd from left), Deputy Director of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee, Mr. Chang Su (1st from left) and Ms. Tao Weng (1st from right), Directors of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Innovation Center

Ms. Fang Ling, President of Muuzii, presented company vision and development status to Mr. Fu and his delegation during his visit and after carefully listened to the company presentation, Mr. Fu congratulated Muuzii’s great achievement both on technology and business in such short two years period. He added: “The Muuzii multilingual learning and translation solution advocates a true innovative development that to be encouraged by Chengdu government and Hi-tech Zone”. On behalf of the Hi-tech Zone and Chengdu government, “we will continue to support Muuzii company and its innovative development”, Mr. Fu further stated.

“Muuzii benefited from the perfect public service system in Hi-Tech Zone and strong policy support from Chengdu government since beginning. We envision that through our development combining support from the hi-tech zone and Chengdu government, Muuzii will be able to grow its business which will set the foundation for Muuzii’s establishment of international multilingual solution service center in Chengdu aiming to bridge cross boarder communication without the language barrier through Asia and North and South Americas market.” Fang Ling Said.

About Muuzii Technologies

Muuzii was founded in the Chengdu, Sichuan and with its offices located in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and Houston, Texas. Muuzii’s established its international service center in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone in 2008. Today, after two years of service, product and technology development, Muuzii enjoys more than one million Sichuan province mobile learning subscribers with its flagship product mFun, mTran and mCool. Beginning November 2010, with a strong support from Shanghai government and China Mobile corporate, through strategic channel partner Solun, Muuzii lunched the largest coverage Mobile Learning service in the world, namely the “mLearn” service in Shanghai, aimed at 5 million subscribers. “mLearn” offers cool & fun English courses with the accurate translation function, to millions of Shanghainess, from students to teachers, professionals to government employees and general population through China Mobile platform. This Mobile Learning service will help users to improve their English language capability and experienced mobile learning on the go, the next generation learning wave that is about to swipping the world via a cost-effective solution. The launch of this mobile learning service will assist Shanghai government’s vision and dream to build a world first “City without Language Barrier”.