On November 26, both the technical cooperation agreement between the Beijing Area Military Hospital and Telecontouring LP, a Texas based service company and the opening ceremony of the Sino-USA IMRT Consultation Center was held at the Beijing Area Military Hospital facility.


Telecontouring LP is a Houston, Texas based company that provides anatomical diagramming services for U.S. radiation oncologists, via proprietary Internet broadband network technology. The company has a distinguished member of board of advisors with many well known medical professionals in the USA including Dr. Bruce Minsky of Memorial Sloan-Kettering of New York, Dr. Moshe Maor and Dr. Marsha McNeese of MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Beijing Area Military Hospital is one of the major hospitals under the Military Medical Practice. It is a university hospital system with many experts in each of the medical professional fields.

The establishment of the Sino-USA IMRT Consultation Center at the Beijing Area Military Hospital is the break through in terms of the merging the application of modern broadband network technology with the state of art of cancer diagnostic, anatomical diagramming and treatment planning technology. This new technology center will help to improve the diagnostic and treatment skill of the medical professionals not only the Beijing Area Military Hospital but also the Radiation Oncology Department of Many top Chinese hospitals.


The establishment of the IMRT center will help the understanding and the application of the modern new treatment technology for special rare cases of cancer patient. Telecontouring LP bring along with the technology a team of well known expert professionals from top USA cancer hospitals in the USA for scheduled periodical visit to the hospital to give lectures, assistance and training to the hospital staff member. Through the cooperation, Beijing Area Military Hospital will bring its experiences and share its vast patient treatment experience with Telecontouring LP team.

Source:China Trade News