April 30th, 2010 – Beijing, China – As an innovative pioneer in mobile learning, Muuzii Technologies never forgets its social responsibility and always commits to become a next-generation contributor to Green Mobile Internet Service.

To drive the Green Mobile Internet Service and prevent the unhealthy contents, Muuzii technologies strengthens “green” diagnostic measure for our product, both from deliver platform and content creation standpoints. Thus, we are able to provide users with healthier and greener content so as to guide the consumer behavior and create a healthy mobile learning environment.

In February 2010, responded to the call from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Muuzii, joining 100 other organizations, signed a joint communication for its commitment to “Build Green Mobile Internet”. Muuzii expressed its determination to safeguard its service with up most security standards and highlighted the fulfillment of social responsibility. The signing of the joint communication is just the first step Muuzii conducted in order to provide greener and more secure service as a Green Mobile Learning Platform.