March 21st, 2011-Chengdu, China – Muuzii announced of launching its new product, namely mCool with Sichuan Telecom users in Chengdu today as part of Muuzii’s multi operator coverage implementation strategy for 2011.

mCool was engineered and developed based on many years research and our customer feedback. mCool features round-the-clock highly accuracy full sentence translation, individualized real time question and answer, and Muuzii’s own Chinese English simplified mobile dictionary and fun English learning content on the go. mCool not only provides a revolutionary “Touch n Trigger” learning environment but also sets a new standard in transformation of an integrated mobile learning service aiming at extraordinary language and learning assistance, in vocabulary, grammar, translation, reading and writing during English studies. Rick Jin, the head of the product development added that “with mCool, users could send random questions or any content to be translated to the service number, he or she will receive highly accurate solution replies from mCool, a key feature that is only available to all mCool subscribers”.

‘We are most pleased to work with China Telecom Sichuan Branch to push our next generation integrated solution product into the student market. Sichuan Telecom is our second operator partnership following our successful partnership with China Mobile Sichuan Branch and it is part of our operator centric market access partnership strategy development. With Muuzii service, we help to extend and enhance current value added service at Sichuan Telecom targeting young subscriber groups. This is a win-win situation.’ said Eric Fang, CEO of Muuzii Technologies.

The mCool service is a dynamic real time service that embedded real time dictionaries of millions of vocabulary entry covering professional fields of medicine, industry, chemical and computer information vocabularies and it is been updated on a real-time basis. This feature will help student in their daily studies, seeking quick way to comprehend knowledge on the go. Muuzii Technologies plans to offer more innovative product in the next scheduled launch with Sichuan Telecom.