Beijing, China | June 11, 2012 – ENFOS, Inc. (“ENFOS”) today announced that a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) has been signed with Beijing Shougang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“SGAI”), the automation and information technology company of Capital Steel Group, committing the two partners to the development of a multi-faceted long-term relationship conducting environmental business management activities in China.

Mr. Craig Modesitt, CEO of ENFOS and Mr. Guan Shaobo, GM of SGAI


Under the MOU, SGAI will serve as a reseller and exclusive cloud provider of the ENFOS Software as a Service remediation application (the “ENFOS Service”) in China. SGAI and ENFOS will work together to build an information-sharing platform for environmental remediation business management, including data management, business process management, performance management, and develop customized features to satisfy Chinese users’ requirements. SGAI and ENFOS will make unremitting efforts for the implementation of Capital Steel’s remediation and redevelopment Beijing project, to achieve high quality with low cost in a proper time limit.

“In China, relocating industrial enterprises from central districts of large cities has become an irreversible trend for the economic development in China. Most of the abandoned sites left behind by the relocation of industrial enterprises are likely to be seriously polluted and have high potential risk. Therefore, remediation and redevelopment of these former industrial sites is an urgent priority in order to protect the urban environment. Capital Steel’s relocation has been exerting far-reaching influence on the regional layout and the development of the domestic steel producers to promote structural adjustment in the steel industry in China,” said Mr. Guan Shaobo, President of SGAI. He further expressed that “Now, it is the right time for ENFOS to enter the China market. ENFOS will help us manage information to best serve the interests of all stakeholders for Capital Steel’s remediation and redevelopment project, this will allow us to focus on achieving our redevelopment goals. Moreover, SGAI is ready to make joint efforts with ENFOS to deepen all-around cooperation and promote greater development in our comprehensive strategic partnership of the cooperation.”

Craig Modesitt, CEO of ENFOS, added, “Capital Steel and Chinese industry as a whole have a strategic opportunity to manage the environmental remediation and redevelopment projects at the lowest cost, shortest timeframe, and highest level of risk management. This can be accomplished by establishing information management as a top level priority. We believe the cooperation between SGAI and ENFOS will exert a significant and innovative influence on the developing remediation efforts in China promoting a state-of-the-art beginning to this burgeoning industry. Large investigative and remedial projects, such as the Beijing plant (8 sq kilometers), will generate massive amounts of data, documents, reports, notes, maps, figures, and general project information. The costs to collect, acquire, assess, manage, and utilize information for key decision making can be as high as 40 to 60 percent of the total remedial costs. Making the most of this investment in terms of data quality, integrity, accessibility, and timeliness are all critical success factors for these projects.”

“We are happy to see the partnership building between Capital Steel and ENFOS, as ENFOS in-country business development partner in China, we see a tremendous push by the government and private sector to build a healthy industry. This partnership will actively help to drive that development goal. The ENFOS data management solution will certainly bring a clear perspective of how to manage remediation business efficiently and reduce the overall cost,” added, Eric Fang, CEO of Sinoaccess Group.

About SGAI:

Beijing Shougang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“SGAI”), as a member of Capital Steel Group, which has a leading role in China’s steel industry, SGAI has established over 30 years with its principle business of direct selling and services related to automatic information technology products and solutions. It has over 3,000 employees currently and its business strength is technology research and development, with many successful overseas collaboration projects.

About ENFOS:

ENFOS Inc. ENFOS is the on-demand enterprise Environmental Business Management solution provider. ENFOS helps companies minimize risk and lower the costs to comply with environmental liability, public disclosure standards, corporate governance mandates, and environmental regulations. The company’s solution integrates easily with customers’ ERP systems and legacy applications, providing for seamless real-time knowledge. Customers include BP, Kinder Morgan, ConocoPhillips, Sunoco, Celanese, and Pacific Gas and Electric. For more information on ENFOS, please visit

About Sinoaccess:

Sinoaccess Corporation, established in 1992 in Texas, USA, is a holding company focuses on China business venture development and addresses number of business sectors via its subsidiaries and affiliates. Sinoaccess has worked structuring investment, transactional structuring, investment structuring, establishing foreign technology joint venture, project direct investment, business development and product sales and marketing service with extensive experiences in wireless and telecommunication networks, IT technology and media, healthcare and biomedical technology, aviation technology, energy and resource sustainability, environmental and emissions in China. Sinoaccess’ understanding and experience with the Chinese government and their policies as well as of American companies’ policies is thorough, sophisticated, and complemented by the good will we have generated in China over the past 20 years. For more information on Sinoaccess, please