Beijing, CHINA May, 2009 – Airturst International Systems has reached a China business development consulting, product marketing and distribution agreement with 724 Solutions, a California mobile software company.

724 Solutions provide the Next Generation Mobile Internet, Mobile Broadband and Multimedia IP Messaging Market. The emergence of generally available 3G/3G+ access networks, the deployment of 4G networks close behind, the broad use of portable devices by both enterprise and consumer users, the growing penetration of multimedia-rich mobile devices and the progression beyond the walled garden are all combining to create an environment rich with opportunities for mobile operators to unlock the potential of the mobile internet. Mobile operators seeking to differentiate their mobile internet and mobile broadband offerings have a wide variety of new services to consider: broadband streaming services, mobile TV, music, video downloads, location-aware services, advertising-driven services, high speed mobile internet access and other rich multimedia services.

724’s Seamless Access Solution is an intelligent converged mobile IP traffic management solution designed to support next generation mobile and converged internet or broadband services from mobile, portable and fixed devices by incorporating features that allow operators to offer innovative, flexible, sophisticated and tailored services within the new converged mobile market environment. Seamless Access is built with a flexible and modular architecture and allows mobile operators to quickly scale and build new services across all types of wireless networks and devices while providing carrier-grade reliability, scalability and extensibility. Seamless Access sits at the core of the mobile data network allowing robust, centralized and intelligent decision-making to be applied to all types of mobile data traffic, seamlessly orchestrating the way services and network elements interact with one another or orchestrating the use of other enablers for services, and selectively applying value-added services when required on a per application and per subscriber basis. Seamless Access is engineered to anticipate change and with its flexible platform, can quickly adapt to evolving network needs.

Seamless Access Policy Control Module

724 Solutions’ Seamless Access Policy Control Module is a sophisticated, intelligent and flexible policy engine designed to enable mobile operators and converged service providers to differentiate traffic and dynamically apply policies based on a wide variety of business rules and attributes, such as subscriber profile/preferences, device capabilities, network bearer, location and other service enabler information. The Policy Control Module makes use of Seamless Access’ industry leading workflow technology to deliver 3GPP/3GPP2 Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) capabilities for quality of service (QoS), gating and bandwidth management of mobile internet and converged broadband traffic and has the ability to federate policy decisions to other network elements for policy enforcement, including other Seamless Access modules. The solution is designed to handle not only today’s 2.5G and 3G networks, but is also 4G ready, and can be seamless extended to 4G-based services as they become available.

Seamless Access Video Optimization Module

724’s Seamless Access Video Optimization Module empowers mobile operators to preserve their radio network capacity by reducing the size of video files delivered to subscribers and also ensures that the most popular videos are retrieved from the internet once and then subsequently delivered from an intelligent cache, thereby reducing the bandwidth required to repeatedly fetch such content from popular internet sites such as YouTube. 724’s Seamless Access Video Optimization Module uniquely enables mobile operators to offer an excellent subscriber experience by reducing the individual transaction size and response times to deliver and display videos. The solution has been proven to deliver up to a 65% reduction in the required over-the-air bandwidth, freeing up a significant chunk of radio access bandwidth to support more subscribers, more data services traffic and more data services revenues.

“We believe that the new focus on the development of accelerating the mobile content adoptation and policy control as well as video optimization is a key for a value added mobile internet, Mobile Broadband and Mobile Multimedia messaging business development in China”, added Mr. Eric Fang, President and CEO of Airtrust International Systems.