Beijing, CHINA – July, 2009 – Airturst International Systems and has reached a business development agreement where as Gigabeam China business development partner, Airtrust will guide Gagabeam in its pursue in the market of wireless fiber and seek for equipment type approval and local OEM partnership. Airtrust also serve as Gagabeam partner and responsible for product marketing and distribution.

GigaBeam offers fixed wireless communication equipment as well as design and implementation services of fixed wireless networks using our products. Our flagship product, the Gi-CORE, can provide Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gb/s duplex) payloads, while our complete portfolio offers a range of options from 10 Mb/s to 1,000 Mb/s, in spectra from 2 to 90 GHz, including licensed and unlicensed and point-to-point and point-to-multi-point configurations. Our roadmap includes products with payloads greater than 10,000 Mb/s. In addition, GigaBeam can support protocols in IP, 802.16d, 802.11x, and Sonet/TDM.

GigaBeam’s solutions have been deployed in over 20 countries worldwide. Current GigaBeam users include large enterprises such as Google, Sprint, and Fidelity, the DoD, NASA, municipalities, universities, medical centers, financial institutions, various international departments/ministries of defense, and other government agencies globally. GigaBeam has been tested by and approved for use by many regulatory bodies and test labs including the FCC, NTIA, US Army, CE, UL and ETSI to name a few.

GigaBeam is in the unique position to deliver a complete and turn-key wireless network including middle mile (aka backhaul), last mile and mobility. The network can be designed and implemented in multiple layers to provide flexible service delivery options, ensure the infrastructure can be scaled to meet future bandwidth demands, and facilitate a broad range of application requirements, including mobile broadband Internet service.

“We believe that the new focus on the development of accelerating the wireless access for both mobile and fix line is a key for a value added business development in China”, added Mr. Eric Fang, President and CEO of Airtrust International Systems.