On the occasion of the first visit of the leadership delegation of China’s Anhui Province and the establishment of the first Anhui Province Investment Promotional Conference; Skytower Investments announces the joint signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chery Auto Group.  The MOU lays the foundation for further and accelerated progress on the development of this opportunity.

“This MOU is significant,” Skytower Investments Chief Executive Officer Eric Fang noted, “as it represents the commitment of China’s premier global electric vehicle manufacturer, Chery Auto Group, headquartered in Anhui Province; along with the support of a leading dynamic and innovative Chinese Provincial government to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives”

CEO Eric Fang, additionally thanked the many key Saudi official and individual supporters which recognized the opportunity represented by this strategic MOU. “Many in the KAS leadership continue to make every effort, to jointly land this opportunity in the Kingdom consistent with the objectives for localization objectives articulated by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. “  

The strategic location of Saudi Arabia in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region can assist many with access to affordable electric vehicles that many nations want and need to help in emissions reduction and mobility. The enabling of export-oriented manufacturing in Saudi Arabia for Chery Auto builds a stronger local economy while providing access to foreign markets in critical need for more efficient and affordable mobility with less emissions. 

Chairman Neil Bush of Skytower Investments was host to the delegation of Anhui Province and Chery Auto Group leadership, and observed, “that the Kingdom today represents a value proposition for investment and economic development like non other in the world and has articulated a global welcome for the best technologies to land in KSA if they support the highly ambitious goals of Vision 2030”, he explained.

“The aspiration of Skytower Investments approach is to help socialize additional Chinese manufacturing and technology firms to the values (to them) of creating an additional base of operations to grow and flourish in the welcoming environment of Saudi Arabia,” Fang concluded.