February 28, 2005 – Airturst International Systems has reached a China business development consulting, product marketing and distribution agreement with Tektronix Corporation at Dallas, Texas,
As a world leader in test, measurement and monitoring, Tektronix enables innovation in all its forms. Whenever you view a Web site, click a mouse, make a cell phone call, or turn on a TV, you touch the work of Tektronix.
We believe that the new focus on the development of mobile networking performance solution for mobile operators is a true value added business development in China”, added Mr. Eric Fang, President and CEO of Airtrust International Systems. “We are very proud of having Tektronix as our client, and with the background and reputation of both Airtrust and Tektronix, this cooperation between Airtrust and Tektronix will ensure the long term success of its business development” Added Ms. Fang Ling, Vice President, China Operations of Airtrust.