March 16, 2004 – Airtrust International Systems Corporation and Arris International INC. (NASDAQ: ARRS) a global communications technology company specializing in the design and engineering of broadband local access networks and a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of optical transmission, cable telephony and internet access has reach agreement to utilize Airtrust business development services for Arris China market development.

Under the agreement, Airtrust will help Arris to map out a development strategy in China for Arris’ digital cable modem and CMTS product marketing and sales. Airtrust will also help to recommend local technology partners as strategic partner with Arris.

Eric Fang, President of Airtrust, said that ‘we are most proud of our China business entry services, over the past 10 years we have helped many companies on their China sales and marketing, business development strategy. We value the relationship with Arris and believe Arris digital technology will have great impact on China cable modem and CMTS market’.

It is estimated that the China cable modem business will grow in the next few years into a multi-million sets requirement of digital cable modems with the true IP technology for voice, data and video.