Our role is to help our client succeed in both United States and China, not to only be successful with their initial entry, but to help them achieve long-term success through success project structuring, financing structuring, investment, development, implementations, thus to secure the future business growth. As a necessary part of our role, we live with our clients throughout the entire life cycle of business strategy, bridging mutual understanding and contentment.

Project Investment Advisory

We specialized in technology projects financing and project investment advisory. Together with our partners, we identify appropriate business partners and investment opportunities, we help to negotiate, structuring and executing profitable arrangements for equity investment on projects. We help to secure capital in the form of debt or equity and help clients uncover defensible investments in emerging technology. We facilitate project due diligence process, working with partner and government agencies to create an environment that will facilitate project financing and direct investment.

Business Development Advisory

Our business development advisory Service is highly customized, client-driven consulting geared to producing favorable results responsively on unique technology and business challenges. Our team of consultants provides clients with interactive, objective oriented focused services and tailored solutions to support innovation, structuring and financing.

Our services ranging from business development, business planning, business strategy design, partnership development, local government regulatory issues review, license applications, product marketing, and technology review. Sinoaccess solutions include evaluation development strategies, vertical sector assessment and market entry strategies. We look at product market condition and its potential, competitive portfolio, potential financial structuring, local joint venture partnerships structuring, and routes to end user market.

Product Market Entry Advisory

We provide our clients comprehensive product market entry solutions. We work with marketing, sales, product and business development professionals to capitalize on existing and emerging market trends to effectively bring technology products and services to China and United States. This service not only help our clients to identify the potential customer base and potential projects for their products, but also help the clients to successfully establish their own distribution channels.

Our team of professional consultants collaborate with client’s marketing, sales, product and development professionals to help them assess their markets, develop actionable marketing strategies and plans, and understand and improve the effectiveness of their current sales marketing programs whether it is a direct sales or through a distribution channel. We help to establish a sounded distribution channel or partnership. Our local China office will help our client to manage the local distribution partner and manage the sales channels.