On November 8, under the guidance of the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China and the Department of New and Renewable Energy of the National Energy Administration, hosted by the China Investment Association, co-hosted by the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Energy Investment Committee of the China Investment Association, China The “2022 (3rd) International Conference on Carbon Neutrality and Green Investment and the Zero Carbon China City Summit” (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”) hosted by the Zero Carbon China Research Center of the Investment Association was successfully held in Shanghai.

CCTV news reports said that since the central government made the “double carbon” goal clear, as a high-level supporting event with the theme of “carbon neutrality” held every year during the CIIE, the conference has received many people from Asia, Europe and the Americas. With the support of 10 countries, we invited senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies and professional representatives from domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, industry associations, financial institutions and other organizations to discuss the opportunities for international cooperation and green investment in zero-carbon industries under the background of the dual carbon goals.

The theme of this International Carbon Comprehensive and Green Investment Conference is to lead the new development of science and technology and open up a new dual-carbon track. It will grasp the critical period of the world’s energy transition and the strategic opportunity period for my country’s renewable energy development, and release the main achievements of zero-carbon related subjects from all walks of life. and experience sharing provides an important platform. The new Zero Carbon China Cities Summit this year has injected new impetus for green investment into related zero carbon industries, helping to achieve the carbon peak carbon comprehensive goal as scheduled. The guests at the meeting looked forward to in-depth discussions on the paths and methods of realizing the dual-carbon goal, strengthening technical exchanges and investment cooperation, further cultivating and strengthening the endogenous force for low-carbon development of green investment in China, and jointly implementing the dual-carbon goal and moving towards a zero-carbon China.

Sun Yaowei, chairman of the Energy Investment Professional Committee of the China Investment Association, said in an interview that the realization of the dual-carbon goal is not only closely related to economic development, but also has some factors in many technical fields. Therefore, as a city to achieve the goal of entrepreneurship and innovation, it especially needs the extensive participation of all sectors of society, including scientific research units, including enterprises, as well as some experts and scholars to provide good ideas and experience.

Zhang Jie, deputy director of the Zero Carbon China Research Center of the China Investment Association, said in an interview that it has been three years since the “Zero Carbon China Initiative” was launched on January 11, 2020. We have moved from advocacy to action, and from action to system construction. This consumption-side field of energy is the first to propose demonstration projects such as building zero-carbon cities and zero-carbon parks.

The conference also released the blue book “Zero-Carbon China · New Energy Storage” jointly researched by the China Investment Association Energy Investment Committee and the Great Wall Securities Huaneng Industrial Finance Research Institute. Zhang Wei, chairman of Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd., presided over the release on behalf of the editing and research team. He pointed out that low-carbon technology and new energy industry clusters are leading the process of “energy revolution” in the whole society. An important support for the new energy system. my country’s new energy storage is still in the early stage of industrialization, and the industrial development is in urgent need of capital boost. As an industrial securities company, Great Wall Securities looks forward to working with the Energy Investment Committee of the China Investment Association to help the development of the new energy storage industry through the blue book of “Zero Carbon China New Energy Storage”, and provide new energy storage industry practitioners, investors and policy makers. for reference and reference.

This time, the Energy Investment Committee of the China Investment Association and Great Wall Securities jointly released the blue book “Zero-Carbon China ▪ New Energy Storage”, showing the thinking and achievements of professional investment and financing institutions in the field of energy storage industry. In the future, the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, continue to contribute to the green and sustainable transformation and development of China’s economy, and help the implementation of the national “two-carbon” strategy.