We drive manufacturing partnership success from selecting a Chinese local manufacture partner, building products to heavy equipment and everything in between – the sheer breadth of manufacturing operations requires an open-minded approach to solving challenges. Sinoaccess’ approach to manufacturing engagements is work with our clients to define the best approach and methodology – considering the organization’s maturity and current situation. We employ a broad set of tools and capabilities to “Turn Potential into Reality.”

Selecting a right manufacturing partner is an art, we, at Sinoaccess, will follow three steps: first, to understand the objective of our client, secondly we will work with our client side by side to map out a clear path and establishing a set of clear requirements and engaging a multi-path discussion at the government agency level and to the local government and industry park management to find the right partner for our clients in the right region in China, third to initiate a transparent discussion and negotiation with the potential manufacture partner to ensure the decision is mutual.