Market Focus

Mobile & Wireless

Our mobile market development focuses on business and market development ability to provide most practical advisory and development execution service in the mobile communication technology space with the key focus on mobile network transport technology, multimedia value added service platform, wireless security, mobile payment and mobile learning. Our expertise and service extends into many applications across U.S. and China Carriers service platform.

With our real time experience in mobile value added service business and technology innovation, Sinoaccess is a true business development partner to strategic marketing and sales for advanced mobile technology applications and services in both China and United States. We bring more than 25 years of experience of successful landing new technologies, applications and services in real world and in real-time with mobile carriers in China and United States.


Sinoaccess recognizes the growing scientific and political consensus that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are contributing to climate change worldwide. Sinoaccess further recognizes that our markets face significant risks and opportunities associated with climate change, either indirectly through changes in the regulatory environment or directly through changes in the physical investment environment. Sinoaccess believes that our clients will benefit from a greater understanding of these risks and opportunities presented by climate change not only in China but worldwide.

China is already the world’s leading renewable energy producer and in terms of installed renewable capacity. With the combination of cost advantages, a clear policy framework, a dynamic and entrepreneurial business environment and abundant abatement opportunities, China is proving that developing nations have as much, if not more, to gain from investment in low carbon solutions creating green-collar jobs, social benefits and economic growth.


In China, land contamination has become a serious problem in both rural and urban areas, due primarily to poor industrial planning and inadequate pollution management dating back to industrialization and modernization process that started in the 1950s. This legacy of land contamination of industrial and commercial areas now presents a serious environmental and developmental problem for sustainable development. Rapid urbanization in recent years has resulted in the need to redevelop industrial land once occupied, and contaminated by old industries. Many old and polluting industries are being relocated away from urban centers due to this rapid urban growth in China. As a result, an alarmingly large number of Brownfield sites are emerging throughout China that pose significant risks to human health and safety, the environment, and economic development and prosperity.

The most straightforward solution to the Brownfield problem is site remediation. If managed well, Brownfield sites can be an opportunity for urban renewal and development. Conversely, if Brownfields are untouched due to legal concerns or lack of financial resources, or not properly remediated, they can present a serious threat to public health and the environment and become a barrier to local economic development.

Fortunately, developing countries like China do not need to re-invent the wheel. Developed countries, such as the U.S.A., Canada, and those of the European Union, have accumulated experience through many years of tackling Brownfield problems and have developed comprehensive and proven frameworks for Brownfield site remediation and management.


We help emerging and established firms commercialize novel and innovative medical devices, including in vivo device, in vitro diagnostics and combination medical products in China. Since we began operations in 2001, clients have turned to us for strategic consulting and tactical solutions to understand and overcome Chinese regulatory, compliance, and clinical trial challenges at all stages of the medical product lifecycle. With Sinoaccess you have access to a team of consultants and project managers with a wealth of Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (“SFDA”), industry and healthcare experience to guide you through product local sales and marketing development and product launch, and to help you ensure post market product compliance.

By leveraging Sinoaccess’ comprehensive knowledge of SFDA and regulations, you can capture and grow market share, increase productivity, and stay competitive in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Whether you need to define your regulatory pathway, support your product with a well-designed clinical trial, prepare your team for SFDA audit, or ensure ongoing compliance, Sinoaccess has the experience and knowledge to lead you to success.


Smartphones and tablet computers are radically transforming how we access our shared knowledge sources by keeping us constantly connected to near-infinite volumes of raw data and information. We enjoy unprecedented instant access to expertise, from informal cooking lessons on YouTube to online university courses. Every day people around the globe are absorbed in exciting new forms of learning.

Statics showed that over 300 million mobile subscribers in the US, 97% of the mobile phones are text enabled, over 6 billion text messages sent every day, 99% of text messages are viewed, 95% of 18-29 year old cell phone users text, 88% of 30-49 year old cell phone users text and the most successful app has less than 2% reach.

Our focus of mLearning—where “m” usually stands for “mobile” but also just as easily for “me.” The near-ubiquity of handheld devices and their constantly lowering costs will enable the idea of “education that you can hold in your hand,” so it becomes a widespread reality in so-called developed markets and resource-challenged parts of the globe alike. Our flagship service called ‘Muuzii” in the United States is a perfect example of getting the fundamentals done properly.