May 17th, 2010 – Beijing, China – CWCC, the high-level forum for wireless communication industry in China held in Beijing on April 27, 2010. As one of the most famous experts in wireless communication industry, GigaBeam was invited to the conference to share its achievement in wireless communication development with leading telecommunication operators and suppliers. GigaBeam earned the acclaim in the wireless communication field in the conference.

Mr. Stephen Zhang, Director of Technical Solutions, GigaBeam China, presented ‘Full Services Wireless Metro Network’ speech at the conference. He introduced the multi-service solution to the participants, showed the new product’s competitive advantage in the aspects of function, security, scalability, ROI and so on. During the speech, he used two different cases from different customers to demonstrate the application of such technology. His speech drew forth enthusiastic applause from the audience. Experts were favorable to the idea GigaBeam presented and expressed their great enthusiasm for cooperation. Muuzii Technologies, an innovative pioneer in mobile learning currently has more than 2 million mobile customers, showed its great enthusiasm for service application related cooperation with GigaBeam in Mobile Learning field.

GigaBeam keep a technical step ahead among the wireless applications, its product WiFiber works in 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz, has been authorized to point to point wireless commercial area by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. With the increasingly development of wireless application in China, GigaBeam looks forward to bring the leading technologies to China, which will benefit both the providers and end-users.